Give Children the Right to Choose their Career 

A child can make a good Career in any field, however, the problem begins when a parent decides to make his child an engineer or a doctor in his childhood. 

Children should be given the freedom to make their own decisions. Now the question arises, to what extent should children be given freedom to make their decisions in the beginning? - They should be given sufficient freedom to make their decision according to the situation; It can help them to think seriously and independently, by doing so they learn to manage themselves and it also enhances their behaviour and trust.

Right to Choose Career

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Who should Choose the Career of a child – parents or children?

Creating the right Career option involves a lot of thinking as you have to analyze the different areas of study and the right colleges. Nowadays, most students are forced to choose a Career according to their parents' choice.

Parents are a major influencing factor in the development of a child's Career. 

The world is changing and every child's dreams change accordingly. Children should also be given the right to choose the path of their Career and live their dreams, but the real world experience of parents cannot be kept in the back seat. So, who should choose a Career for a child - the child him/herself, the parents, or both together?

Parents should choose the Career of a child:

  • Parents' wishes.
Every child in this world should be more grateful to their parents. Parents are those who face many difficulties and bring their children so that they can live a healthy and happy life. Every parent has a desire to see their children well in their lives and thus, they have the right to choose a better Career for their children.
  • Maturity.
Children can sometimes fall into wrong decisions about their Careers. Even if parents do not like their Career, they can at least guide their children to make a good decision. Parents are burning candles in the student's life.
  • Support. 
Parents provide immense support by guiding and selecting a perfect Career path for their children. No parent will want to spoil the future of their child by making a wrong decision.
  • Experience.
We should always remember that parents are much more experienced than children. They have seen the world better than their children and thus, their decision will be better and right. 

Children should choose their own Career:

  • Right to choose.
Every child has the right to choose their Career and they have the right to live their dreams.
  • Knows himself/herself better.
A child can only know his own interests and abilities better than anyone else. He knows his/her subjects and areas of interest and thus, can easily decide the path of his Career.
  • Interesting.
If children choose a Career according to their parents' wishes, then they will have a boring academic life because they will face a lack of interest. College life is the best stage of a student's life. To enjoy this stage and make it more interesting, a child should choose his/her own Career path.
  • Facing pressure.
If you follow the Career path chosen by your parents and you are not interested, then you will have to face a lot of challenges and pressure. To avoid such situations, choose a Career in which you are most interested in.

what extent should children be given the freedom to make their decisions in the beginning? 

They become Confident:

Children who can understand and manage their feelings and emotions, stay calm and enjoy their experiences, they are more likely to develop their own positive feelings and learn self-confidence and curious. Children develop their emotional skills with their parents and carers through important relationships.

Children are convinced by allowing their own decisions, they should be allowed to choose their own Career, this also makes them feel that there is some ability to make decisions in their life. If children practice equally, they can gradually become self-dependent and take some decisions. When children try to make their own age-appropriate decisions, they have the feeling of having more power and they are confident.


Each of us wishes to play an important role or role of the decision maker in our family. As we allow our children to take some small decisions like a Career of their life, deciding the result of whatever they want to study will make them happy and superior.
Young children deal with many of the same emotions adults do. Children get angry, sad, frustrated, nervous, happy, or embarrassed, but they often do not have the words to talk about how they are feeling. Instead, they sometimes act out these emotions in very physical and inappropriate ways.


One of the most important aspects of life is to know who you are as a person. Knowing your own boundaries and benefits can help you succeed in life. Although decisions are small for children, it can help them to figure out who they are as they find that they enjoy what they like and dislike what they dislike. Many of us are still unable to tell the difference through life and giving children the opportunity to make their decision can be knowledge of their future.

Should parents decide their children's Career?

Parents like their children have had some dreams in their teens. Most parents fail to achieve their dreams due to family or financial issues. In such cases, parents force their children to adopt their dreams. They try to see themselves in their children.

The entrance time is near the corner and this is a significant period in most students' lives. It is always better that parents and children should work together to determine their Career. Children can get information about the latest trends, while parents can get practical experience on the table to make a decision.

A child should choose his/her Career. Parents have a responsibility in developing children in relation to their professional life before they get the age of choosing their Career. The child should be well educated and be aware of various courses and available options in the practical world. Parents should guide the child and teach the weight of the various options available.

When a child is told about the possible options, then they should be left to choose their own path. This helps the child to work in the field of interest and achieve excellence in life. Apart from this, the child will rarely blame the parents for any fall in their Career. This will give them the confidence to fight their way to success and they will eventually learn to survive in this highly competitive world.

Imposing the interests of oldsters on the youngsters creates pressure on them. They might struggle under this pressure to evolve. Even if they succeed in the external look, they may not be fully happy with no matter the glory that they earn. As satisfaction is that the highest motive of existence, youngsters ought to be allowed to decide on their Career on their own.

DO Support:
Think of yourself as a foundation, raise your children and support them because they find their way to an ideal Career. You encourage them, but they are about to reach for different possibilities.


As in the Career field, the child had to work not the parent so the child should have the freedom to choose his own Career. Whatever steps a child takes, he/she should be oriented towards achieving the ultimate goal.

A child can make a good Career in any field, however, the problem begins when a parent decides to make his child an engineer or a doctor in his childhood.