"If you wish to be a Warrior prepare to be Broken.If you wish to be an explorer prepare to get Lost..and if you wish to be a Lover prepare to be both"                                             - NalaniRose


Being a lover means that you have a feeling, magic or desire. That unique solicitation to be with someone.
He is the heavenly one, he destroys the destiny. Becoming a lover holds strength like a warrior.

Like to love a person, even when they did not give you a thousand reasons. To be a lover, you should do some research.
A mere attachment, or temptation A bond or a yearning? Those who really love to be lost on.


To be a lover we sometimes find the meaning when it means, the relationship between two souls, together, forms a complete form. The way the creature in the cage works, we love deeply to understand love in that way, We learn, hurt, raise love, repeat.

Sometimes it is hard to find out the real essence...
Are you ready to become a lover..??

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