What are love feelings?

Love is a very small four letters word but the fathom of this word is deeper than the Mariana trench and altitude is higher than the Mount Everest.

Love Feelings

Love Feelings

Love Feeling depends on what kind of love you are talking about:

Love has different meanings as per the different age, conditions, relationships and personal state of mind.

Love Feelings for a baby of about 3–4 months are in the hug and kiss from her mother. He/she cries when her mother is away but as soon as he/she perceives the gentle mother's arms, he is in solace.

As we grow up a small toffee from our parents makes us feel loved. The appreciation for coming first in the race or getting good marks in the exam is followed by the chocolate which we receive is named Love by us.

Mother's love When we get annoyed, she takes care of you. We oppose clarifying that we are no longer children, only to realize how we care for him in his absence and remember the company.

Father's love Someday after we are all fucked up in life and suddenly realise however there was a silent guardian, watchful guardian we tend to never acknowledge.

Friendship is the lifeline of every person is the most beautiful and strongest form of Love. Needless to say, it is closest to all of us. 

For a teenagerLove Feelings mostly revolves around the physical and emotional support of his/her lover. It is all a hot cake with choco-burst.

For a brother, Love Feelings are all about when her sister says, “I will take care of Mom and dad, you enjoy the party” or “You like that girl, I will get her number” Also, fighting, teasing and complaining is a part of the lovely bond they share.

For a sister, Love Feelings are keeping the promise of protection of her Rakhee by her brother. She feels it when her brother says she is looking ugly no matter how much beautiful she may be for her father and boyfriend but she knows that after her father, her brother will always be the person who loves her most.

For a husband, the care, the kiss, the hug, the trust, the loyalty, the naughty teasing, the compliments, the lunch box and the dress which he gifted worn by his wife is what Love is.

For a wife, the trust, the attention, the compliments, the help in household chores, the hugs, the surprises, the kisses, the dates and the loyalty of her husband is what Love is.

As we grow old, the kind and caring attitude of our children is the Love we accept. Those children whom once we held the fingers to prevent them from falling now have become our support system.

As grandparents, the cute hug and peck from our grandchildren is the Love we desire. Seeing them stumble, fall and rise make us so happy. All their sweet stammered talks makes us feel young too.
I hope here I have covered all the best forms of Love we will be able to feel in Life.

Love Feelings

And this list has to go on...
  • He/she is going to be your best friend.
  • The day is so bad that he is going to console you by saying "no worries" for you, I am there for you "
  • He/she will listen to whatever you say. They would also like to listen to you.
  • He/she will love the way you are (it looks completely crazy but this is true).
  • You are going to crave to spend time with them.
  • You have someone who will wipe your tears.
  • When you fall down and there is a hand that raises you up.
  • When you are trying to hide sadness and pain in your smile, but someone tells you that you are looking sad.
  • When you are feeling sad and you suddenly get a hug.
  • When you are waiting for a message overnight and you see a message from that particular.
  • When someone else's smile is the cause of your happiness.
  • When he/she surprises you.
  • When cuddling up with special one gives more warmth than a blanket.
My advice is to experience each of this to the fullest before Life Ends.
Each of them is way different and special.

You find that being insecure is the only way you can feel true happiness in your heart, it is so real that it scares you. You get the strength to know that you have a true friend and possibly a soul mate who will be loyal to the end.

Life seems completely different, exciting and worthwhile. You only hope that they are a part of your life.

The best realization happens when you love the real and unconditional love of the person you love. When that person is devoted to you. When you even have him/her in your bad days. When he/she thinks you are better than any other person in the world. 

When he makes you important in your life as his/her family. When you feel proud of being with you and can proudly accept anyone and everyone else.

Love Feelings

Love Feelings and emotions happen when you can be yourself and still be loved.

Anyone can be fake at all times and they should not be at all. So when you receive a person who lets you stay, who understands your actions, do not doubt your intentions, you accept it completely as a person and you will be able to accept all your faults Love it, this is the best Love Feeling.
Acceptance is one of the most important and underlined forms of love feelings.

Love Feelings:

Love Feelings is a desire to wait for someone throughout life, to give up everything with selflessness, just have to live with them, The desire to travel from the other end of the world, just meeting them, the desire to wake up all night, when you have to get up early the next day, just have to talk to them,

The desire to not eat your food, until your loved ones ate food, enjoy happiness together, and to overcome the sorrows that support each other, the desire to forget the future and the present To stay together

Love Feelings:

Anyone born in this world wants to love someone, whether it's the parents, the siblings, or the better half or just children's love. On one point or another in our life, we wish for another's love. We want someone to enter our lives to fill that vacuum.

And love, only once in our life, I really believe, you find someone who can completely change your world. You tell them things that you have never shared with any other soul and they absorb every word you say and really want to hear more.

You share the hopes for the future, the dreams that will never come true, the goals that were never achieved, and many disappointments have thrown life on you.

Love Feelings

Love Feelings:

When something amazing happens, you can not wait to tell them about it, knowing that they will share your enthusiasm. When you are fooling yourself, they are not ashamed to cry with you nor laugh at you.

Sometimes they do not Hurt your Feelings or make you feel that you are not very good, but they build you up and show you things about yourself that make you special and beautiful. There is no pressure, jealousy or competition, but when they are around then there is only one quiet calmness.

You can be yourself and do not worry about what they will think about you. Because they love you who you are. Most things that people find to be unimportant, such as a note, singing or walking becomes an invaluable treasure, which is kept in your heart forever.

Your childhood memories come back and are so clear and vivid. It's like being young again. The colours look bright and more brilliant. The laugh seems to be a part of daily life, where it was infinite and was not present at all. During the day, a phone call or two helps you get through a long day's work and always brings a smile on your face.

In their presence, there is no need for constant interaction, but you find that you are very satisfied with keeping them nearby. Things that never take interest before you become interested because you know that they are important for this person who is very special to you.

Love Feelings:

You think about this person at every opportunity and everything. Simple things bring them to a blue sky, soft air or sky like a storm cloud on the horizon. You open your heart knowing that one day it may happen that it breaks one day and in opening your heart, you experience a love and happiness that you never thought possible.

You find that being insecure is the only way you can feel true happiness in your heart, it is so real that it scares you. You get the strength to know that you have a true friend and possibly a soul mate who will be loyal to the end.

Life seems completely different, exciting and worthwhile. You only hope that they are a part of your life.

Love Feelings:

Love is everything. It is a force greater than any other. Love Feelings has many dimensions.
When love exists, many other emotions will result
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Selflessness
  • Generosity
  • Charity
  • Sacrifice
It has no limits. It has no rules.
When we love, we will turn ourselves inside out to give everything to sustain it. We aren't concerned about risk or consequences.
Love can make us believe in the impossible. It can leave us blind, deaf and dumb to reality. It can empower us and crush our souls. We know the risks, but we throw ourselves in it anyway. We have no choice. Because without Love Feelings, there is nothing.

Love Feelings

One last thing

One sided love is a beautiful feeling. But it's priceless when the emotions flow equally from both sides. So love the one who loves you. Most importantly love him/her like the way you would like to get love.

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